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Yu Ping Feng San Wan is a traditional Chinese herbal formula known for its potential benefits in supporting the immune system.

  1.  Immune Support: Yu Ping Feng San Wan is primarily used to enhance the body’s immune system and help prevent recurrent respiratory infections and allergies. 
  2. Wind-Cold Invasion: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it’s also used to address conditions caused by wind-cold invasion, which can manifest as colds, flu, or allergies.



Yu Ping Feng San Wan 玉屏风散丸

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  •     •    Yu Ping Feng San Wan is typically available in the form of pills or tablets.
        •    The dosage can vary, but a common recommendation is to take 6-8 pills, two to three times a day, with warm water.

  •     •    Pregnant women should consult with a qualified healthcare professional or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner before using Yu Ping Feng San Wan or any herbal remedy.

    •    Watch for any allergic reactions or side effects and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

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