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Jing Wan Hong Ruan Gao is  a product in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) designed to aid in detoxifying and soothing the skin. Its purpose includes alleviating burnt or sore skin. 


It holds a distinguished status as a crucial herbal remedy in China, providing swift relief for both minor and severe burns induced by boiling water, intense fire, boiling oil, steam, molten steel, and chemical reactions on the human body.

Its significance is underscored by its application in hospitals, where it is employed for the treatment of even severe third-degree burns.

As a topical first aid measure, it is recommended for addressing both first and second-degree burns effectively.


In the case of severe burns, apply the ointment to the affected area, cover it with gauze, and subsequently remove dead skin every 24 hours until the healing process reaches completion.




Jing Wan Hong Ruan Gao

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  •  Initiate the treatment process by cleansing the wound with saline solution.

    Following this, apply the product directly to the affected area or administer it on sterile gauze.

    Securely cover the wound with the treated gauze, ensuring proper sterilization.

    It is recommended to change the dressing on a daily basis for optimal therapeutic results.


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